About me

I am 28 years old and i was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder 8 years ago. I am currently undergoing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and am on a mixture of medications.  I have struggled throughout my life in different ways, and continue to find it hard living with BPD. I decided to set up this blog in order to positively and creatively express thoughts and feelings in ways i hope others can connect to.



    • I’m a complete ameture, I remember my English teacher always telling me my writing style was something she had never seen before (not sure she liked it) but ever since then i’ve held that with me and just written the way i want to. There really is no golden rule, for me its what comes out naturally, i go over most of my posts a few times, i can get a bit passionate, so i have to sort of vet myself. Any other questions i would be happy to answer 🙂 thanks for your kind words. x


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