Black and white thinking caught in the act

Over Christmas i spent a lot of time with my best friend who i usually get on with like a house on fire. I think we may have been on different pages though as we seemed to be annoying each other a lot.

We clashed when baking for a friends Christmas party and both had a really crumby time dealing with Christmas pressure. Because we were at odds for so long and it seemed anything i would say made it worse, all my brain kept saying to me was, well we should probably just not be friends any more.

Astonished at my own immaturity, i questioned the idea.

Thanks to DBT i have a small, rational insight into my own strange thinking patterns sometimes.

Its not normal to fallout with someone, try to address the situation and when that doesn’t go to plan, instantly make arrangements on how to end an 8 year friendship.

Black and white thinking in action, caught in the act, you cant catch me out! I am onto you!



  1. Thanks for introducing me to your blog site I have Bipolar disorder. But I’m interested in anything to do with mental illness I’m hoping to start my own blog site soon I hope you’ll drop by when it’s up and running hope you sort things out with you friend:-)

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    • Hi Tilly Jamie 🙂 thanks for taking the time to comment and have a look around. I would be more than happy to have a look at your blog once you have some content, let me know how it goes, i have a twitter feed on my main blog page if you want to DM via that or you can always reply to this. I am the same as you, i have BPD but i am very interested in all areas of mental health. Thanks again and take care. x


  2. That’s wonderful you caught your thought just like that. I hope you and your friend will work it out. Friendships are too important to end over few disputes.

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    • Hi In Day Light (i spy you on twitter :P) Thanks for commenting on my blog and also taking time to read it. Catching my thought like that was something i never thought i would do naturally, its difficult to explain, but just by working around becoming more mindful of your thoughts and thinking patterns, and making sure you make it a feature in your everyday life you really can stop the cycle of negative thinking. I found it fascinating, especially to have it so obviously displayed in my mind like that. My friend and i are OK, actually similar to a reply to a comment i just wrote, i have decided to try and practice some self validation with myself and radical acceptance to try and soothe myself a little with the negative feelings i have left over from the argument. Hopefully i can patch things up without making it any worse! Thanks and take care x

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  3. Amazing catch!! Black and white thinking is something I know I’m famous for but I just can’t seem to catch it in time yet. I hope you come to a conclusion with your friend that you are happiest with.

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  4. What you demonstrated is that you do have control over your ability to process your thinking, which in turn will lead to more positive emotions and better behavioral outcomes. I love to hear when people have a moment such as the one you described. Keep up the good work. Eddie

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    • Hi Eddie! I spy you on twitter! Yes, you described it better than i ever could, it was definitely a turning point for myself. I was a firm believer before therapy that changing my thinking patterns would be impossible until i started spotting things like this. Take Care – Luna x


  5. Hi.
    It was really good to read this as it gives me hope. I only started dbt last week and it is nice to read about instances like yours that clearly shows therapy works.

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    • Hi CJ, Thanks for reading and your comment. I hope you find DBT helpful, i certainly am. If at first you find it daunting at how many skills there are to learn, just remember the ones that you try and work will be the only ones you need to remember, not all of the skills work for everyone and thats ok. It takes a long time to ‘see’ results like mine, and alot of practice and positive thinking. I wish you all the best x


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