Christmas Mindfulness

This week i was asked to lead the mindfulness practice at the beginning of our DBT session.

Since i have been so vocal about feeling uncomfortable doing certain mindfulness practices in a group setting, (please see my previous blog post) i had to come up with one that includes zero embarrassment, and wont send you into anxiety warp drive.

So, i thought i would share it.

Gratefulness envelope (Christmas edition)

I Prepared envelopes with pieces of paper inside (Because i am unemployed and someone bought me a gorgeous new gold pen, i did fancy lettering on mine, with little holly stickers)

The idea is that you get the group to write down 10 things they are grateful for (this Christmas) and then to reflect on them a little and to think a bit about how that positive list makes your life worth living. The best bit is that your list goes back in the envelope at the end of the 3 minutes, and is not show to the group. Completely private and personal.

Alternatively if you or one of the group members cant think of anything positive (it happens, iv’e been there) you could encourage them to think of things they are looking forward to in the new year, or hope they would have done by Christmas day.

The excersize should lift the spirits, and carve out a positive mindset for the rest of the session.

Since Christmas can be a really tough time for some people, and especially if you suffer from a mental health issue, i think its important to take time to remind yourself what you DO have.



  1. This is an awesome idea for anyone in general but especially people with mental illness. People with depression anxiety ETC often have a hard time day to day never mind a holiday. Often trying to think of anything positive can be hard but this is a gentle way to go about doing it. I live in a residential facility and will suggest this to case managers who lead groups here! Thank you.


  2. Aw, thank you so much for the comment, matterstosam, i really appreciate it 🙂 it helped me alot today when i was feeling a it low. take care x


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