Anorgasmia and Risperidone

All my adult life I have found it really easy to have orgasms. And I now know that I completely took this for granted.

About a year ago, one day, I just stopped being able to orgasm. The ones I did have, took roughly 2 hours ‘prep time’. The stress of the time it took to reach orgasm, eventually outweighed any pleasure I may have gotten.

It was fucking horrible. Stressful and degrading. I literally felt like I was slowly losing the ability to woman. BPD and the med’s had already taken my desire to have sex with my beautiful, honest and caring boyfriend, but now it had taken my big O.

It was not a gradual thing, one day I could, then one day I couldn’t.

I had already lost my libido over the course of about 5 years, and had just thought this was because of depression and med’s, so I figured this was the next stage in that, I had lost my desire to have sex, so it made sense in my mind to next lose the ability to have an orgasm.


Until my ability to orgasm ‘normally’ came back 2 months ago, around 2 weeks after being taken off Prozac (antidepressant) and Risperidone (anti psychotic), I started to think, this was more than a coincidence.

I had been on Prozac for about 5 years, and had always been able to reach orgasm whilst on it, so it couldn’t have been that, which left the Risperidone. The fucking Risperidone.

This may sound really silly how obvious it should have been, but until I stopped the Risperidone and was able to orgasm again I really did not give a second thought to it being the cause. Of which I’m now 100% sure it was due to timings and elimination.

Anorgasmia, is listed under the rare side effects one may get from Risperidone. So a warning to everyone out there who may be thinking about starting an anti psychotic, or is on one now, and they have troubling symptoms or side effects, just be aware what you are taking and how it could affect your body.

Hopefully you are in a position to discuss this with your psychiatrist, as some of the side effects in my mind far outweigh the positives of taking some anti-psychotic medications.

There are many types of anti-psychotic medication, and just because one did not work or has caused an underlying condition, does not mean you should not try alternatives.

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  1. I have had a similar problem with Risperidone, which is interesting as I’m a guy. It comes and goes with me, sometimes it’s easy to reach orgasm and other times near on impossible. I take other medication to so perhaps they interact. If I had a girlfriend this would be an embarrassing problem. It’s currently okay. I can empathis with your frustration though.


    • Hi Joe! Sorry to hear you are also suffering. I only knew it was the risperidone hands down as the prozac i had been on for years and never had an issue. It may indeed be an interaction. If its not a problem for you then i guess being on risperidone is right for you at the moment. Take care x


  2. You r right Im also taking risperidone for more than one year and I found my self having inability to orgasm. Is risperidone I know. Will this ever stop? Will my sexual life return back?


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